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Introducing Fan Voice, a conversational voice search only on Fan TV.

What do you want to watch? Is it a specific show or a favorite actor? Maybe something broader like a genre or trending topic? Perhaps you’re trying to quickly find a cartoon for your kids in the morning or you’re looking for an Oscar nominated movie later that night without pulling out your laptop to do an internet search. What was the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and the bear?

As entertainment options continue to increase, voice search is quickly becoming the preferred way to find what you’re looking for at record speed without having to click and scroll through multiple menus or apps. Whether you’re sitting in your living room or on the go, saying what you’re looking for is so much easier than typing it – as long as the voice technology works.

With the new Fan Voice feature on Fan TV, you can simply say what you want to watch in a natural way and our advanced voice search will help you find any movie or show in the world of entertainment. Apple, Amazon and Google tackle a broad range of topics, but Fan Voice is the only one that is singularly focused on entertainment search across live TV and streaming to help you discover and watch your movies and shows instantly.

While all voice search assistants can deliver adequate results for the basic, robotic queries like “Game of Thrones” or “Tina Fey,” once you get into the more conversational and complex queries that are more accurate to how you think about what you want to watch, you’ll start to see a difference. Things like “What’s on TV tonight?” or “Show me movies in theaters” are the kinds of queries that Fan TV can answer without skipping a beat.

Here are a few examples to bring to life how Fan Voice stacks up against the rest.

Sometimes you simply want to know what’s on TV, so we asked Fan Voice and Google (both on Android TV):

"What's on ABC Tonight?"

Fan Voice accurately returned the results for shows on ABC, ranked by popularity and relevance. Google returned YouTube results and titles on Showtime Anytime.

What's on ABC Tonight?

Often times you’re looking for a show and you know a few pieces of information but the title escapes you, so we asked both Fan Voice and Siri (both on iOS):

What's the show with Kerry Washington on ABC?

While Siri brought up a web search for Kerry Washington and ABC, Fan Voice returned Scandal as the top result along with its availability on ABC, Hulu, Netflix and iTunes, just one tap away.

What's a show with Kerry Washington?

One of the most common searches is for sports games on live TV, so we asked both Fan Voice and Google (both on Android TV):

"MLB Games"

Fan Voice gave time and availability for all the upcoming games, whereas Google returned results for Apps and YouTube.

MLB Games

Then there are times when you have a general sense of what you want to watch, but you’re looking to discover something new, so we asked both Fan Voice (on Android TV) and Amazon Fire TV:

"What are popular Will Ferrell movies?"

While Fan Voice returned results for some of Will Ferrell’s funniest movies, Amazon Fire TV came up short.

What are popular Will Ferrell movies?

And then there are times when you want a recommendation for a new show based on your personal taste. We asked both Fan Voice (on Android TV) and Apple TV:

"What shows are similar to Empire?"

Fan Voice gave the kind of recommendations related TV shows while Apple TV only found shows with the word “Empire” in the title.

What shows are similar to the Empire?

So how exactly does Fan Voice outsmart the other voice assistants to produce these results? It’s a technical deep-dive into Rovi’s Knowledge Graph, which dynamically searches over 100,000 sources to generate 100 million smart tags, 20 million key word assignments and 545,000 sub genres. This ensures that results are continually updated and sorted by relevance and popularity using a cross-section of sources, while driving a deep understanding of relationships and intersections. It also employs a natural language understanding that can comprehend negation, timing and context to ensure that the results you’re looking for will appear first.

While this is the first time that Fan Voice is available for free on the Fan TV consumer apps, voice search is a focused investment area for Rovi as part of the Fan TV platform offering - a next-gen solution for service providers which is available as a full stack solution or through APIs, apps and OS. Key components of the Fan TV platform are currently deployed with leading global service providers including Verizon, Dish, Cablevision, and Canal Digital.

Now with Fan Voice on the Fan TV app, anyone can enjoy the ease of finding movies and shows across live TV and streaming simply by saying what they want to watch and then pressing play. Download the Fan TV app for free today on iOS, Android mobile or Android TV to enjoy this new feature.

Happy watching!

The Fan TV Team

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