Farewell and Thank You

As of mid-April, the Fan TV apps and service will be shut down.

Over seven years ago, the Fan TV team started our journey to simplify finding something great to watch. We were excited by the increasing number of options across Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and other services for finding and watching movies and shows. With increasing options came increasing fragmentation and consumer confusion. We built Fan TV to be your starting point in navigating this increasingly complex entertainment landscape. Over time, we expanded the vision to unify the streaming and pay TV worlds.

Ultimately, we joined forces with a group of people that – several iterations later – is now called TiVo. Joining TiVo has allowed us to scale many aspects of our original vision and work with a much larger team in bringing this vision to both consumers and pay TV operators around the world. A couple of common threads have tied together our efforts through the years – a love for entertainment and a belief that we could simplify things. The marriage between TiVo and Fan TV has been a marriage of like-minded teams, where the best of Fan TV and TiVo are being combined to create TiVo's next generation platform.

Unfortunately, this combination involves focusing our efforts and shutting down the Fan TV app.

To our fans and supporters – and especially the incredibly talented team that worked on Fan TV through all stages of our journey – we appreciate your support, sweat, blood, tears, and laughter over the years.

While we're sad to announce this shutdown, we're excited to see the future endeavors of the talented team that worked on Fan TV.

The Fan TV Team