Android TV, Meet Fan TV.

Google is gaining speed in the connected TV race, recently announcing the addition of several new premium entertainment apps to Android TV, adding to an expansive playground for entertainment fans that includes Showtime, HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu and Google Play. But the benefit of an increasing number of streaming services also comes with the disadvantage of a more fragmented discovery experience – and that’s where Fan TV comes in with a universal discovery experience across apps.

Starting today, Android TV users will no longer have to dive in-and-out of a sea of apps to find a particular show, nor will they have to create siloed watchlists within multiple services. Fan TV will be the only app needed to search, track and find any movie or show across apps – right on your widescreen TV.

This launch marks the first time you can download Fan TV as a free app on your TV. Streamers – get ready to enjoy the ultimate lean-back entertainment experience in your living room.

Download now and give it a try.  Happy watching!

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About Fan TV

Fan TV, a division of Rovi Corporation, is an innovative way for people to discover, watch and share the movies and shows they love. The Fan TV app for Android TV is a continued innovation of Fan TV’s award-winning iOS, Android Mobile & Web apps, which combine live TV, video-on-demand and over-the-top streaming services in a unified discovery experience. Discover more at Fan.TV.