Fan TV Joining Forces with Rovi

This is a huge day for Fan TV. This morning we announced that we have been acquired by Rovi.

When we started building Fan TV back in 2011, our vision was to simplify the way you find and watch movies and shows you love. Our goal was to be on all the screens in your life, and to integrate all the services you use across streaming, video-on-demand, and live TV. The journey has taken us from iOS, to the web, to the TV. A small start-up building hardware and teaming with the largest pay TV operators seemed crazy to the outside world.

In a few short years, we’ve made tremendous progress in becoming one of the most popular entertainment discovery apps on iOS, teaming with the largest cable companies to bring the Fan TV device to market, and proving to the world that there’s a better way to discover and watch your entertainment.

In conversations with Rovi, we realized that both our teams share a passion for building a next generation entertainment discovery experience. Together, we can move faster. Rovi will bring the resources, expertise, and global footprint to significantly accelerate execution of our vision.

What’s this mean for you? Expect to see faster innovation on our apps and acceleration of our plans to bring the Fan TV device to the world.

We’re super excited about the path forward!