In an era of à la carte television, Fan TV allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

Think of all the times you’ve been at happy hour with friends or at lunch with co-workers and someone recommends a great movie or show. By the time you get home to your living room, the name escapes you. Our latest iOS update is a complete redesign of our app for iPhone, focused on making Fan TV the easiest way to find and save the movies and shows you want to watch for later – and instantly get alerts when they become available on the services you love. It is fun, focused, friendly and one of the most immersive entertainment discovery experiences yet.

With movies and shows appearing and disappearing on a regular basis from services like Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes, it’s tough to keep track of your favorite entertainment, especially on the go. We focused on the iPhone redesign after witnessing a significant difference in the way people use Fan TV on the iPhone versus on the bigger screen of an iPad. While iPad users are three times more likely to watch a show or movie on their tablets, iPhone users are far more likely to use the smaller screen in their pocket for day-to-day searches and 24/7 management of their entertainment lives. Using this insight, we completely redesigned our Fan TV iPhone app to focus on instantly finding and saving movies and shows on-the-go. Check it out in action with this short video:

We built Fan TV on a simple premise: it’s getting too complicated to find and watch your favorite movies and shows spread across live TV, DVR, on-demand, and a wide variety of over-the-top services. In recent months, the fragmentation problem we set out to solve has only increased. Content providers are starting to bring more choices to consumers through new unbundled offerings like HBO Now and Sling TV. As this industry experimentation continues, Fan TV will only become more relevant as the perfect entertainment companion, aggregating all movies and shows across all services. It is agnostic to whether you choose to consume from traditional bundles, new over-the-top linear TV offerings, or streaming services.  Our goal is to be your personalized entertainment concierge, quickly guiding you to your favorite movies and shows wherever they’re currently available. Our all-new Fan TV iPhone app is the perfect way to bring order and ease to an era of increasing options. Download it now and give it a try

So the next time someone mentions a movie or show when you’re out and about, you can pull out your phone and have that title saved and served up on a silver platter whenever you’re ready to watch it.