Amazon Prime, Meet Fan TV.

Chris Thun • August 9, 2012 1 Comment

The highlights:
–Amazon Prime titles are now available through Fan TV.
–Fan TV is the only app that allows Amazon Prime searching.
–This is awesome!

Last week, HBO, NBC, Cinemax, and CW came to Fan TV, bringing the total number of integrated entertainment apps on Fan TV to fourteen.  In other news last week, an Amazon Instant Video app launched for the first time on iPad giving Amazon Prime subscribers the ability to watch tens of thousands of films and shows available on Amazon Prime.  Starting today, all these Amazon Prime titles are now available through Fan TV.

The growing availability of movies and shows across more than 25 premium entertainment apps on iPad and iPhone is amazing.  Several years ago, entertainment fans were complaining about the lack of access to on-demand movies and shows.  In today’s world (at least in the US), the problem is less about availability and more about discoverability.

Fragmented Catalogs

How do you figure out where to watch a given movie or show across more than 25 premium entertainment apps offering movies and shows on iPad?  Without Fan TV, figuring out where to watch becomes a giant game of entertainment hide-and-seek across iPad apps – Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, HBO Go, ABC, NBC, and more.  Last week’s launch of Amazon Instant Video offers one more app to search when trying to figure out where your favorite movie or show is hiding.

Varied Navigation

On top of the fragmentation of movies and shows across apps, each app has its own unique features and navigation, only adding to the discovery problem.  For example, while the Amazon Instant Video app highlights hot titles and allows sorting, it doesn’t have a search box. As a result, finding a specific title to watch from the tens of thousands of films and shows in the Amazon Prime catalog is challenging and requires some external searching on the web if you want to find a title not currently being promoted in the app.

Fan TV:  One Universal Tool to Organize Your Entertainment Life

With today’s addition of Amazon Prime to Fan TV, loyal Amazon users can search for any movie or show they want to watch, and instantly launch into Amazon Instant Video playback with a single tap from Fan TV.  If the title isn’t available on Amazon Prime, Fan TV will direct you to where you can watch it across the 14 other apps integrated with Fan TV.

Alternatively, add the movie or show to your Fan TV WatchList, and we’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available on Amazon Prime, or any other of your preferred services.

Give it a try, and see how Fan TV unlocks the power of Amazon Prime, right from your iPad.  New to Fan TV?  Download Fan TV here.  Existing Fan TV-ites, Amazon Prime will now automatically appear in your Fan TV app through some cloud jujitsu.



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