Fan TV Adds HBO, Cinemax, NBC and CW – Introduces WatchList to Organize Your Entertainment Life

Chris Thun • July 31, 2012 2 Comments

When we launched at D9 last year, Fan TV included ABC, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and Netflix.  Today, we’re excited to introduce HBO, Cinemax, NBC and CW to Fanhattan.  Fanhattan now directs you to over 175,000 movies and TV shows across 14 different premium entertainment apps on your iOS devices.

We’re also launching the Fan TV WatchList, a radically different approach to organizing your entertainment life.  Simply add any movie or TV show to your WatchList, and Fan TV will send you an alert once it’s available to watch on one of your preferred services.  Download Fanhattan from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

A Look Back: The Year in Entertainment Apps

Over the past year, the world of entertainment has gone mobile.  The number of big name entertainment apps offering movies and shows on your iPad have multiplied, and video consumption has continued to soar with 54% of tablet users and 33% of smartphone users regularly watching video on their devices (2012 Magid Mobile Content Study, Frank N. Magid Associates).

With the increasing use of multiple services, devices and apps, consumers can find it challenging to know where and when to watch their favorite shows. Take Parks and Recreation as an example: different seasons of the hit show are scattered across 4 different apps on your iPad, marketed under 3 very different pricing structures.

The pathway of a Hollywood blockbuster from theater to iPad can be just as complex – moving from theaters across the DVD window, the pay TV window, and finally reaching various digital stores in the on-demand window.

Introducing the Fan TV WatchList:  What’s on yours?

To manage this complexity, we’re excited to introduce the Fan TV WatchList. The WatchList lets you add any movie or show you want to watch – no matter what service it’s on – and sends you an alert once it’s available to watch on one of your preferred services.

Unlike queues and lists tied to specific on-demand services, your Fan TV WatchList gives you one universal tool to organize your entire entertainment life. For example, keeping up with Marvel’s vast Avengers franchise is now incredibly easy. Add films like Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 to your WatchList, and get alerts when the movies premiere in theaters in 2013. Add The Avengers and Captain America to the same WatchList and you’ll get automatic alerts when the movies come to iTunes and Netflix.  You can add any movie or TV show ever produced to your Fan TV WatchList – ranging from a pre-production movie to your favorite TV series from the 80s to today’s Emmy nominated shows.

WatchList simplifies a world in which your favorite entertainment is spread across release windows and multiple apps by keeping you informed when and where to watch your movies and shows.

A hint of things to come…

Fan TV is thinking big about more ways to make it simple to find, follow and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.  Sign-up now for a beta invite to our upcoming web service (launching at the end of the summer).

Download the all new Fan TV iOS app for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, or at

Thanks for watching!


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  1. Scott Alexander says:

    Awesome work guys!  I love the Watchlist.

  2. Michael M says:

    What a shame that your application requires Facebook login, and posts automatically to the users Facebook wall. I was excited until I saw that, and ended up removing the application.

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