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Chris Thun • November 16, 2011 2 Comments

In June, we gave birth to Fan TV for iPad live on stage at D9. Today we proudly present our new baby: Fanhattan in your pocket – on iPhone and iPod Touch.


With today’s launch, Fan TV is now available for hundreds of millions of fans on any iOS device in the US. That means all the Fan TV goodness people have been enjoying on their iPads is now available on the one screen that many of you have in your pocket/purse/satchel/clutch 24/7.  That’s right… no more scavenger hunts across on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and iTunes.  You’ve now got them all in a single iPhone app.

–At a dinner party/trivia night where you’re trying to remember the name of the actress who danced the tango with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman?  Fire up Fan TV and wonder no more. (It was Gabrielle Anwar). (Editor’s Note: Fan TV does not condone cheating at trivia night – unless you’re really close to winning and there’s a bar tab on the line. Ahem.)

–Looking for a TV show to watch for that morning train ride, waiting at the DMV, or wherever you happen to have 30 minutes to spare?  A certain entertainment discovery service is standing by awaiting your request.

–Curious about which movies and TV shows are trending on VOD and streaming services and who has them? Hi.

–Maybe you’re like us and want to watch some new movie trailers while waiting for your bagel, or take a deeper dive into the movie or TV show you watched last night, or find that one song from that one movie. Burn all your other movie apps. We’ve got you covered.

Think we’re done? Think we’re going to take a little nap? Not a chance. We’ve ordered a truckload of Red Bull so expect a lot more to come in our quest to make Fan TV your starting point for entertainment discovery, on any screen you wish to be entertained.

In the meantime, don’t be shy. Give Fan TV a try on any iOS device. Comments? We love ‘em. Hit us below!

The Fan TV Team


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